Sunday, 26 July 2009


Yesterday I received a package from a metal detectorist with some uncleaned's and a couple silvers described as "silvered and not solid silver". The picture showed what I thought to be a couple of Severan fourees and some regular uncleaned coins as you can see below.

Imagine my suprise when I get them home and discover that the coin on the left is definately not Severan but actually far earlier. It is actually a fouree with a Domitilla the Younger obverse and a reverse of Domitia.

I have never seen a coin of Domitilla before as the number of zeros on the end of the price tag makes the the few coin types known of her well out of my league. Anyway here is the obverse...

DIVA DOMITILLA AVGVSTA, draped bust right

and the reverse...

Pietas seated left, holding scepter, a child before

Anyway even if it is an ancient fake this coin is still in pretty damn good condition with only a couple of minor breaks in the silver. It's definitely the closest I'll get to owning a denarius of either Domitia or Domitilla. Also it is pretty much unique afaik making it an excellent addition all round.

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